I was recently having a conversation with a parent of an outgoing senior athlete. He expressed that he would miss hanging around the ballfields, to which I replied, “have you ever thought about officiating?“

Officiating is a tough job.  Many good officials are getting older, or poor behavior has chased them out of their role.  We need good officials more than ever.  Due to the law of supply and demand, officiating rates have recently gone up significantly. Here are some examples of what the SAC Conference will pay next year:

Var. Football -- $120 per game

Var. Softball & Baseball -- $180 per double header

Freshman Basketball -- $60 per game

Var. Wrestling -- $90 per dual meet

Track Starter -- $110 per dual meet

If you love sports, are a recent grad who wants to stay involved in the sport you love, or just someone looking to make a little extra money, see the attached document for the SAC Conference.  It is intended for recent grads, but provides information about how to get registered as an official, and how to join an officials' association. If you need more information, please contact the South Haven Athletic Office at 269-637-0503.