WAY South Haven

Welcome to WAY (Widening Advancements
for Youth) South Haven

Changing lives by creating engaging and encouraging educational opportunities for all young people.

At South Haven Public Schools, we embrace and encourage all learning styles and support our students as they discover their passions. Through WAY South Haven, our students are exposed to a personalized learning environment where their unique interests and talents combine with national and state standards to complete projects demonstrating competencies and leading to success after earning a diploma - including college and career paths after graduation.

The WAY Model is centered on three core components.

 Light Bulb
Project Based Learning
Competency Based Learning
 Laptop Computer
Blended & Online Learning
 Students explore authentic, engaging, and real-world problems. Students progress by mastering learning standards in their courses. Students work online, blended, and in-person courses.

WAY South Haven Application

*Applications are reviewed upon submission
*Intake interviews will be scheduled individually (beginning mid-July)
*Parent consent is required
*Tentative induction/orientation for students accepted into the program will begin during the week of August 17, 2020

WAY South Haven could be for you if are:

  • Experiencing scheduling conflicts that make traditional school hours difficult
  • In need of credit recovery and would like the opportunity to progress at your own pace
  • Looking for a new and exciting way to learn while incorporating your own interests and creativity

South Haven Public Schools Responsibilities:

  • Researcher Device (Chromebook)
  • Internet Capabilities if needed
  • Team Leaders 
  • In-person lab times and staff

WAY International Program Responsibilities:

  • Online content experts (available 24/7)
  • Curriculum
  • Assessments
  • Standard based grading and reporting system
  • State wide and international online learning environment

Frequently Asked Questions


As a general rule, students eligible for WAY South Haven must have at least completed their first semester as a ninth grade high school student. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.

WAY South Haven seats are limited for both in-district and schools of choice students. Admittance is determined through an application and interview process. 
Non-resident students seeking to join the WAY South Haven program should first contact the Administration Building at (269) 637-0500. Non-residents must apply for the 2020-21 school year during the school of choice open enrollment period.


Why Choose WAY South Haven?

  • Flexible hours - the blended online and in-person learning environment allows students to take ownership of their education and progress through the program at their own pace
  • 24/7 access to virtual experts - No matter the time or day, a number of resources and supports are available to our researchers at the touch of a button to assist in the mastery of competencies and the completion of projects
  • Dedicated in-person mentors - Housed at the South Haven Campus of Lake Michigan College, researchers are welcomed to WAY South Haven Lab Sessions for in-person help with particular standards or for a friendly face to brainstorm project components and ideas with.
  • Opportunity to explore passions - Through the WAY program, students are encouraged to delve into their passions. Projects can be customized to fit a researcher's unique talents and interests to further engage students in their education.
  • HERO Platform - Researchers, parents, and staff members are all on the same page through access to the online HERO program which tracks grading and progress towards graduation. At all times, students are aware of where they stand in the program and the standards left to master before receiving their diploma.
  • Still have access to vo-tech, dual enrollment, and/or elective classes at South Haven High School 

WAY Vocabulary

WAY South Haven is an alternative pathway to graduation and to help our students see learning differently, different words are used for traditional school terms.
  • Projects - Coursework
  • Expert - Certified teacher, online & in-person
  • Researcher - Student
  • Lab - School classroom, located on the South Haven Campus of Lake Michigan College


WAY Widening Advancements for Youth