School Board Live Broadcast

At 6:30 PM, the January 6, 2021 Organizational and Regular meetings will be available for remote public participation and viewing via Zoom at:

If you do not wish to make a community comment and would like to watch the meeting, but not identify yourself, please enter "John Q Public" or "Jane Q Public" when prompted to enter a name.

The Board welcomes public input. There is an opportunity for community comment towards the end of the meeting agenda. Comments can made by logging in through Zoom at the start of the meeting. 

Check our additional Community Comment Instructions here: Community Comment Instructions

If you would like a copy of the meeting emailed to you after it is completed, please contact Becca Teunissen at or via phone at (269) 637-0578.

Persons with disabilities requiring special accommodations should contact the Superintendent's Office at (269) 637-0578.