Innovation at SHPS

‚ÄčInnovation at South Haven Public Schools

At South Haven Public Schools, we bring the future of education alive! With cutting-edge programming, instructional technology integration, advanced courses, and a nationally recognized curriculum, we prepare our students for the world of tomorrow!

Facilitating Innovation in the Classroom. South Haven Public Schools is a 1:1 technology district meaning all students K-12 have access to a technology device, whether it be an iPad or Chromebook, throughout the school day. At the middle and high school level, each student is issued a device for the school year which can be utilized during school hours and to continue school work at home. 

Cutting-edge Programming. 
STEM education begins at the elementary level where students are consistently exposed to critical thinking and problem solving skills through coding, computer science, and pre-engineering lessons and projects.  This education continues at the 4th and 5th grade level with our iCreate Lab at North Shore Elementary, and at the middle and high school level in our state-of-the-art maker's spaces!

Various Academic Clubs and Extracurriculars. Learning extends beyond the classroom with academic clubs and extracurriculars. South Haven High School is home to a globally competitive robotics team, a globally competitive history club, and various state/nationally qualifying teams such as Science Olympiads and Quiz Bowl.