Teachers Receive Grant from the SHPS Foundation

Teachers Receive Grant from the SHPS Foundation
South Haven Teachers Receiving Grants from SHPS FoundationSouth Haven Public Schools would like to extend our sincerest 'thank you' to the South Haven Public Schools Foundation for the countless ways that they benefit our district throughout the school year! Most recently, some of our teachers were selected to receive mini grants for special projects and programs at SHPS. Congratulations to our staff members and thank you to the Foundation and the additional sponsors for making the following fun activities possible:

  • Reeds for All and All for Reeds - Sarah Bopp at Baseline Middle School:  Reeds are to instruments as gas is to a car.  All "reed-powered" instruments cannot be played without a good condition reed. In band class, the instructor performs reed checks throughout the woodwind section which require students to have three good, working reeds on hand at all times. This grant has allowed the district to purchase enough reeds so that each woodwind student (64 kids), has at least three good reeds to choose from at any time which takes some of the stress off the individual students and their families. * Additional sponsors for this grant include: Woodhams Ford


  • Every Kid Healthy Week - Heather Chalupa, Allie Dubbink, Tiffany Cook, & Betsi Verseput at Lincoln & Maple Grove Elementary:  Maple Grove and Lincoln Elementary teamed up to observe and celebrate Every Kid Healthy Week, a  national week dedicated to school health and wellness, with funds from this grant cycle. Activities and events gave not only the two elementary schools a chance to connect, but also strengthened community engagement by inviting the public in to participate. The festivities included: "Smoothies & Shakin' it up with the Superintendent," "Parfaits with the Police," "Dairy with the Dr.'s and the Wellness Center," "Fruit & Fitness with Firefighters," and "RAMTASTIC Breakfast!" Students were also treated to a wonderful wellness assembly presented by Guy from Power Up! Nutrition in Listiak Auditorium. * Additional sponsors for this grant include: Haven Heating and Cooling, Inc.


  •  Engaging ALL Learners While Having FUN in Social Studies - Jennifer Brooks at Baseline Middle School: This grant encompasses materials to enhance social studies lessons through hands on, project based, kinesthetic learning activities. Through the various materials, curriculum will be enriched through STEM challenges in the hopes of not only strengthening student engagement but also increasing student  retention. A few items mentioned in the grant application include: the book series Gilgamesh the King and You Wouldn't Want to Be a..., clay, popsicle sticks, Mega Blocks, clothespins, sand, plastic tubs, etc. * Additional sponsors for this grant include: GLP & Associates, Inc.


  • Design Academy Club - Lynne Maxwell at Baseline Middle School:  This year began a new use for the media center at Baseline Middle School. Now the ILC (Integrated Learning Center), students are offered classes in stop motion animation, film, and podcasting as a way to increase STEAM offerings and better prepare them for the Fab Lab and ILC courses at the high school level. Also available is a makerspace, utilized by students working on a variety of projects for classes outside the ILC. Thanks to a generous donation from Albemarle, a vinyl cutter has been added to the makerspace along with district provided heat presses for shirts, ball caps, and mugs.  Due to the SHPS Foundation grant helping with start-up costs, the club, Design Academy, will be created in the near future to create spirit gear for a school store! * Additional sponsors for this grant include: Vibracoustic


  • Serious about Series - Amanda Lepley at Maple Grove Elementary (not pictured):  So often students come to the library looking for specific book in a series.  Funds from this grant will be used to purchase some of the most sought after series to encourage literacy amongst our students.  * Additional sponsors for this grant include: the SHPS Class of 1978.