New Innovative Program - WAY South Haven

New Innovative Program - WAY South Haven
WAY South Haven

South Haven Public Schools is proud to announce an innovative, project-based, alternative path to graduation through the WAY program (Widening Advancements for Youth) for the 2019-20 school year! The WAY South Haven, approved at the May 29, 2019 Board of Education meeting, will be the 7th program of its kind in the state and will be housed at the South Haven Campus of Lake Michigan College for second semester freshmen through twelfth grade students.

Through the WAY model, students are provided with an opportunity to reengage in their education through blended online and in-person, competency based learning. Students complete project-based courses designed by certified teachers that are aligned to national and state standards. As students complete projects, they demonstrate an understanding of competencies and move one step closer to graduation.

Not only do students have access to local, in-person lab time with South Haven Public Schools staff members, but they can also utilize 24/7 virtual support from WAY experts. As submitted projects are reviewed, the experts identify various standards or components that the students have mastered and that need more work. From there, the students are coached in the areas they are struggling with to ultimately complete the project.

After demonstrating proficiency with the pre-determined projects, students are given the opportunity to truly take their education into their own hands by developing and completing their own projects. Students use the online platform to track the standards still needed for graduation and create a project that incorporates those standards. These personalized projects allow students to blend their learning with their passions.

Entrance to WAY South Haven will be limited and placement will be granted through an application process. Current South Haven students should meet with their counselor to discuss possible transition to WAY South Haven. The district will also have openings for non-resident students in this program through Schools of Choice.

For more information about WAY South Haven, students, parents, and community members are invited to visit the district’s website at > Our Schools > WAY South Haven. A community open house will also be scheduled over the summer of 2019.

“I’m excited to bring this program to our students,” said South Haven Superintendent, Kevin Schooley. “I’ve seen the WAY program firsthand and have watched students that are not buying into the traditional high school experience completely reengage in their education with the project-based model. Typical high school isn’t for everyone and to be able to meet the needs of the kids looking for something different and get them on track to graduation and future success is extremely rewarding.”