Expanding In-Person at SHHS (Beginning 11/16)

Expanding In-Person at SHHS (Beginning 11/16)
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 SHHS to Extend In Person Instruction to 4 Days a Week (Beginning Nov. 16th)
  • Students will be attending school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • Students still have the flexibility to attend on their designated hybrid days if they are concerned with exposure of COVID-19 and SHHS will continue to offer a virtual option for any student.
  • SHHS has been utilizing a flipped model for instruction, teachers post videos of the direct instruction and students have time in class to work on the assignments posted in Google Classroom. Teachers are then able to utilize class time for reteaching and assistance with individuals or small groups.
  • SHHS will expand the flipped model to include in person direct instruction with a focus on differentiation, scaffolding, discipline specific meaning making, use of formative data to impact future instruction.
  • SHHS takes tremendous pride in our engagement with students and using technology to create an interactive learning environment.
  • SHHS will also be utilizing an MTSS Tier 3 intervention, where our Success Coaches will provide individual and small group remediation for students with missing assignments and or failing
  • PLEASE CONTACT THE BUS GARAGE for bussing at (269) 637-0570
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