Community Safety Forum

Community Safety Forum
Community Safety ForumSHPS is inviting our school community to a forum on school safety scheduled for Tuesday, October 29th at 6:00 PM in Listiak Auditorium in conjunction with the SHPD, SHAES, and the VBISD

Given current events both nationally and several recent events in our district, SHPS would like to have a discussion about school safety with our school community.

Over the past four years, the district has made many security-based improvements in our buildings including installing secure entryways and surveillance systems. We have invested in staff-wide training in active shooter situations, trauma informed care for students, encourage the State sponsored Ok2Say program, and coordinate efforts closely with our local law and safety officials. We are also in the process of securing a full time School Resource Officer and have recently added a new social worker. These are all positive changes and I am thankful that the community of South Haven supported the bond that helped provide many of these safety based improvements.

While the district has made many improvements to our buildings and safety programs, it is our goal in having a discussion with our community on these, and other topics related to safety, we can bring about additional improvements and awareness. I hope you can make it to the meeting that will take place on October 29th.


Kevin Schooley