Budget Transparency Reporting

A.  2020/21 Board Approved Budgets

2020-21 General Fund Budget

Food Service Fund

School Service Fund

2003 Debt Fund (North Shore)

2014 Debt Fund

2015 Debt Fund

Special Revenue Student/School Activity Fund

2020/21 Board Approved Budget Amendment (approved February 8, 2021)

*Our Debt service obligations are detailed in our Audited Financial Statements. 
  Please see Section C.

B.  Summary of Expenditures
1 - 2019-20 Operations/Personnel Expenditures

C.  Listing of the Collective Bargaining Agreements, Health Care Plans and Audit Report

Current Bargaining Agreements

2020-23 South Haven Education Association (SHEA) Contract

2019-22 SEIU Paraprofessional Contract

2019-22 SEIU Food Service Contract

2019-2022 South Haven Bus Drivers Association Contract

Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans/Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs)
SBC ABC Plan 1 with Co-Insurance
SBC Essentials by MESSA
SBC ABC Plan 1
SBC Flex Blue 1350-2600
SBC Flex Blue 2000-4000
SBC Versatile 500-1000
SBC Versatile PPO 1

Audit Report
06-30-20 Audited Financial Statement

Medical Benefit Plan Bids - Our district participates with the Western Michigan Health Insurance Pool
Van Buren Health Consortium Bid

District Purchasing Policy
District Expense Reimbursement Policy

Check Register
2019-20 Check Register

D.  Employee Compensation Information
2020 Employee Compensation Information

E.  District Paid Lobbying Costs
2019-20 District Paid Lobbying Costs

F. Dues Paid to Association
2019-20 District Paid to Association

G.  Approved Deficit Elimination Plan
The district has not incurred a deficit.

H.  District Credit Card Information
District Credit Card Information

I.  District Paid Out-of-State Travel Information
2019-20 Out-of-State Travel Information

J.  Section 1249 Teacher and School Administrator Evaluation Tools
Teacher Evaluation Postings and Assurances

Teacher Evaluation Rubric
Administrator Evaluation Tool
Superintendent Evaluation Tool

KIncident Report: 2019-20 School Year

LExtended Continuity of Learning Plan

M. Weekly Communication Rates

N. Virtual Content Staff & Parent Training Report 

O. Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan Goal Reporting