High School Renovations

“We are excited to announce the start of renovations to South Haven High School, and are grateful to the community for their support and generosity, as well as the efforts of all those who have made this project become a reality,” said Kevin Dee, Director of Non-Instructional Services.

The board of education approved the recommended Technology and High School renovation bids for the bond project at the Nov. 4 Regular Board meeting, after the first round of bids in April came in $5 million over the projected budget.  During the past 6 months the director of non-instructional services, Kevin Dee, worked with GMB Architecture & Engineering and Owen-Ames-Kimball Co., the district’s architect and construction management companies, respectively, on the redesign and rebidding process. Through these efforts, SHPS was able to cut $4.2 million out of the prior bid process. 

“This renovation not only addresses our critical mechanical needs, but also allows us to create innovative learning environments with supportive technologies that will increase student engagement, critical thinking, and collaboration while also allowing students to learn anytime, anyplace and anywhere,” said Dr. Robert Herrera, Superintendent.

Overall Floor Plan - High School

Construction Timeline - High School

Site Plan Board - High School

High School Renovations

Building Infrastructure

  • Mechanical / Plumbing Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Restrooms
  • Food Service
  • ADA / Life Safety Systems

Improvements to the Learning Environment

  • New Science Labs
  • Learning Information Center
  • STEM Labs
  • Renovated classrooms
  • Student Success Center
  • New locker rooms

Security Improvements

  • Secure Entrances / Access Control
  • Security Cameras


  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Instructional Technology